May 24, 2007

Many exciting things are happening with novel 2 and as I wait for a resolution I am incapable of doing anything in any way useful.

Thus I have spent the last few days doing the following:

1. I attended a Victoria Day party thrown by my lovely friend Christine who is--sadly, graspingly--determined to celebrate her French Canadian heritage. The fact that said party was in an Irish bar I believe speaks for itself.

2. I elegantly watched the riveting finale of THE BACHELOR: AN OFFICER AND A GENTLEMAN with Tink and her dad and her baby Aoife whilst drinking a glass of Irish Mist. Aoife once again pretended to sleep in my arms while secretly hatching plots.

3. I met my friend David and we wandered around downtown and bought books and read for a few hours in Tompkins Square Park and had wine in a cafe.. When he suggested going to "the park" I asked what park he was referring to and when he said "Tompkins Square" I gasped (delicately) in horror and thought of rats and pigeons and dirt and junkies with shopping carts, but it was actually quite lovely and I spent a long time staring up at the trees and leaves and the birds that kept flapping up under them. I also read an Ursula Le Guin book and looked effortlessly fashionable. I also bought a book about whips.

4. I met my friends Massie and Rob and we wandered around Union Square and we bought visors at Duane Reade and we all put them on and pretended we were from Denmark, and we sat and drank tea and ate chocolate Twizzlers as (I thought) birds chirped and rustled in the grass behind us but I'm afraid they were dueling RATS and then we went and saw GEORGIA RULE as we had heard it was the WORST MOVIE EVER MADE and I am here to tell you that that was no lie. Unfortunately for the one other patron in the theater, we all laughed maturely through the whole thing--through our tears, that is. I will need many years development as a writer before I can begin to capture the horror of the scenes that passed in front of our eyeballs.

5. Tonight I am meeting Joi at the ALGONQUIN, where we will drink frou frou drinks in curved glasses before going to a reading and possibly a punk show, that is if I haven't passed out yet from sheer ANXIETY and GORGEOUSNESS and a terrible sense of IMPENDING DOOM.

The end.