Sep 11, 2007

Alright so since it's September 11th I must relate the weird leetle sequence of events from my morning six years ago. I may have said this before, I forget.

So I had done some freelance work for Fodor's and that morning was meeting the editor girl in Grand Central at 8:30am or so to hand her a disk. Said disk was handed, and then I went cross town to work. I stopped in the Sbarro's on 33rd and 7th to get some scrambled eggs to go. Then I crossed 7th Avenue, hearing a bunch of sirens but ignoring them as one does, and I swear I then passed a sidewalk cart, in front of which a woman was standing who proceeded to yell to me, "Get a free bagel from Robert Urich!!!" I glanced up and there was Robert Urich smiling out of the cart. Traumatized, I hurried up to work in One Penn Plaza, eggs in hand. I go to my desk and write an email to the editor girl, thanking her. I hear some dorky coworkers (I worked at a different place then) start yelling about something in the sky and saying "let's go see if we can see it!" For some reason I thought they were talking about a blimp and I said to myself, WHAT DORKS TO BE SO EXCITED ABOUT A BLIMP. I glanced out the window but didn't see anything, just Madison Square Garden, as always, since we were only on the second floor.

Then the phone calls and talking started and radios started blaring from outside and things went craceeee.

The end.