Sep 10, 2007

I am very excited to fly to the heart of the heart of the country this weekend for the Downtown Omaha Lit Fest, which is dedicated to depraved women writers and features gorgeous quotes like the following on its website:

“Three possibilities for her,” he thought. “Throw herself into the canal; wind up in the madhouse; or… at long last, plunge into depravity headlong, stupefying the mind and petrifying the heart.”
--Crime and Punishment by Fyodor Dostoyevsky

It might be my perfect literary festival!! And I might never leave.

These are the panels I will be on:

1 pm
The Devil in Miss Jones: The Panel about Women Writing on the Edge. What possesses women writers to write with such vitriol, to spew such spit and vinegar, to be so utterly… unladylike?
Featuring: Monica Drake, Jessica Kennison, Andrea Portes, Carolyn Turgeon.

2 pm
The Grimm Reality: The Panel about Reinventing the Fairy Tale. Contemporary authors inspired by classical tales. Includes a discussion of the new anthology, Brothers and Beasts: An Anthology of Men on Fairy Tales.
Featuring: Susan Aizenberg, Debra Di Blasi, Timothy Schaffert, Carolyn Turgeon.

4 pm
Don’t You Look Swell!: The Panel about Writing about Fashion. Writing about style with flair for magazines and blogs.
Featuring: Megan Berry Barlow, Lauren Cerand, Wanda Ewing, Alice Kim, Carolyn Turgeon.

In other news, this weekend I attended an all-day BBQ in Long Island at which yours truly played badmitton and other summery sports on a lawn with a hammock on it, and I came up with many screenplay ideas that were sent to a lovely would-be manager, and I worked on my book revision whilst imbibing green tea lattes. I think that is all, unless you count the cooking of fish and the cleaning of lovely Queens apartments and the recovering from food comas not to mention the coma that sets in after one spends a whole month's rent on dinner.

Today I finally get to see my sister, who returned from her exotic travels yesterday, and afterwards I got a hot date with my crazy genius world-hopping economist. The end.