Sep 2, 2007

So Massie is at my apartment with her gorgeous and wondrous dog named Mutep, who is one of my one true loves in this world. Mutep spent the afternoon basking underneath my desk watching an artful Japanese film while Massie and I worked for several hours in the coffeeshop nearby, and then wooed and wowed us with her presence as we made a delectable dinner and as we now work into the evening in my fashionable living room. Right now she is lying under a very haute couture TV tray with the autumnal season painted over it.

It is a good thing that Shameless has been whisked away to DC for the weekend, as his heart would surely be lost the moment he set his lovelorn eyeballs on this eternally feminine creature known to her friends as Mu.

In other news, the octopus haunts me still. I walked into the coffeeshop bathroom today and the following evil, supernatural sight glided into my vision.