Sep 11, 2007

Some delightful things from yesterday:

1) I saw 2 Days in Paris and I loved it. Totally charming and hilarious and sweet and smart.

2) After a lovely dinner at Gobo, my sister and I wandered into C.O. Bigelow and I was looking at sparkly Nars eyeshadows, drawn like a moth to flaaaaaaame, when the wondrous and fabulous boy at the counter suggested I put the Heart of Glass pale blue shadow on my lids. I recoiled slightly, and glamorously, but he said to trust him and that blue eyes like yours truly's need the pure light of such a resplendent color. I stroked it on and oh my friends, it was like the best makeover moment from all those teen romances I used to read, where the girl turns to the mirror and gasps.

Mine eyes, they are like jewels!

3) I spent three and a half hours drinking pinot noir in the Tribeca Grand Hotel lobby bar with the economist, having the most intense and cool conversatione about our deepest, darkest hearts, our romantic failures and burning ambitiones. It is strange, the people we can recognize ourselves in. At one point he said I would be far richer than him (that was not the soul searching part of the evening) and I said YOU ARE SOME DAMN RIGHT and told him to give me three years. We now have a date to meet in that very same lobby on September 11, 2010, to stun and amaze and bedazzle.

The end.