Oct 8, 2007

So this weekend Massie brought along this mix CD she made called THE WORST SONGS I CAN THINK OF, which included several songs with which I am now intimately familiar though I had managed to remain blissfully unaware of most of them until now, including the completely psychotic "Your Body is a Wonderland," the indescribable "My Humps," the insane "Mambo Number 5," Whitney Houston eardrum-shatteringly singing the "Star Spangled Banner," Neil Diamond doing a drunken "Hava Nagila" (which is actually quite awesome), and Dan Fogelberg singing "Same Auld Lang Syne," which might quite possibly be the worst song I've ever heard, ever. EVER. Look. Like, you think the song couldn't possibly get worse and then it unfolds an entirely new layer of awfulness involving saxophones. Another song was "You're Beautiful," which I'd never really heard altogether and which I immediately started singing along to and imitating the accent of in a gorgeously retarded manner. We then, in all our driving through the autumnal splendor, spent several hours learning all the words to this atrocious song and singing it at the top of our lungs. When we arrived back in Brooklyn this afternoon and picked up Massie's husband to get Thai food, we serenaded him with it, and I'm pretty sure he was DEEPLY IMPRESSED. That song is, by the way, the most loserish stalkery wussyish song I've ever heard, and has ruined the subway for me forever. We shared a moment that will last to the end. !!!!

To make up for the horrors I have just shared, here is an autumnal photo: