Nov 29, 2007

Ok, so my friend David's play last night (reading of his play, that is) was GREAT. I loved it. Completely hilarious, smart, heartbreaking, sensitive .. just this whirlwind, like him. I really admire writers who can be devastating and funny at the same time and I think David is so good at that, as is my friend Eric, tho David has this insane manic energy (he did the show Freak, so if you know that you have some idea) and Eric is more soft and lovely and wistful. Anyway, David's play is part of this workshop series at Labyrinth Theater, which is known for being Phillip Seymour Hoffman's company, and there was a reading last night at the Public Theater and there is ONE more, tomorrow night, and it is FREE, so if you are in New York you should GO GO GO GO GO. The reading's at 8 but since it's first come first serve you should probably arrive at 7 or 7:30 or something.

But this is what it is:

Nov. 28 & 30 at 8pm
by David Bar Katz
directed by John Gould Rubin
A marriage in the throes of sexual and financial problems is pushed to the brink in a game of Truth or Dare at a cocktail party. Philip Roth in Khartoum examines the destructive power of truth and the devastating impact of bad sex, autism, Philip Roth, absinthe and genocide on husbands and wives during an intimate evening with friends.

I was laughing out loud through almost the whole thing, and then by the end I was crying, I was so moved. The whole thing was so rich and so great that I was crossing my fingers halfway through, hoping he could pull it off and pull off a great ending, and then.. he did. Magical.