Nov 28, 2007

So last week my sister and I went to Pennsylvania for the holiday and on Sunday we all went to one of my favorite places in the world, our friends' amazing old-time sprawling farmouse in Spruce Creek, which is famous for its trout and is just completely lovely in the fall. Here are some photos.

The house with pond in front:

The inside of the barn, which was built in the 1830s:

The living room, complete with window seat and corn cobs and crackling fire:

A chicken coop and apple tree:

And a big dog fetching said apples:

And there are all kinds of other wonders there, like a teeny mini pumpkin patch, corn fields, a secret path through the trees, a wildflower garden, a barn-located basketball court, room after room with window seats and big wooden framed beds.. Also, we saw a slide show of my sister and father's trip to Vietnam, my sister and mother's trip to China, my sister's visit to Cambodia, and our friends' visit to Kazakhstan. I was VERY JEALOUS but demurely kept my cool and didn't even throw one thing.

In other news, I was also very proud of myself upon our return for cooking up a big pot of riboletta, or Tuscan bread soup, for which I actually chopped vegetables and let a big pot bubble and simmer. And last night I got my locks done by Lana and heard all about Thailand and bought a book of art by her amazing beau Jesse Reno, who seems to be as obssessed by things like blackbirds and antlers as I am. Tonight I am seeing my friend David's play, PHILIP ROTH IN KHARTOUM, which rooodly interferes with my watching of Project Runway, but that's the kind of selfless friend I am. Oh and yesterday, I met Massie for a walk through the diamond district, where she led me through secret labyrinths of casters and finishers and other mysterious jewelry making peoples, and then she pointed to this little old lady shuffling and waddling ahead of us, bedecked in a ridiculous long fake fur maroon jacket and fuzzy leopard print boots that came to her mid calves, and gleefully pronounced, "There's your future!" I should be so lucky.