Dec 26, 2007

Three things:

1) My grandmother is 90 years old and almost blind. But aint she and her friends elegante (she's on the left)? In old photos she's always wearing bright red lipstick and suits, and she was always a big writer and reader (now she devours audiobooks, and my uncle read her my first novel and she read my second one using some big magnifying machine thing), and I'm telling you she always was some kind of literary looker.

2) Also, I just bought the following leetle painting from Lana, as I love strange stitched up creatures with big white teeth and hearts:

3) I think I'm going to spend another witchly New Year's alone surrounded by herbs and candles. For some reason this holiday seems more important to me than any other one, and I just ain't sure that any gathering or party will cut it.

The end.