Jan 6, 2008

So yesterday, among many other glamorous activities, I babysit my best friend Aoife, gave her a very very literary black beret and a small volume of Camus, and also helped Tink give her a bath. And as Tink tried to get her to say "mama" for the first time, I very patiently attempted to teach her more important words, such as "Carolyn" and "escargot" and "bon soir." Sadly, all she wants to say thus far is "dada." Tink thinks she is referring to her father but I think it's obvious that Aoife is more interested in the artistic movement, as well she should be.

In other news, my-other-future-Paris-visitor ANNA's beret is in the mail:

In other, other news, this is my mom and sister and me at Thanksgiving:

And my mom and dad at the Russian Tea Room a few days before Christmas:

I know. It is all far too glamorous for words.

The end.