Feb 13, 2008

So I just opened and feasted my baby blues upon the byoootesous painting I ordered from Lana, and I love it so much I just ordered three more from her crazy store, including this one below, even tho I shall have NO PLACE TO PUT THEM as I be moving home for a year to become a veritable writing machine.

But look!

Speaking of byooteous things I have done purchased of late, look at this extremely stylish bit of luggage now in my possessione. After the last Italy trip, I finally gave up and realized it is indeed important to have luggage that rolls, partial though I be to the shiny pleather duffel. Sigh.

Also, today is my last intense workshop and afterwards the other writers (all amazing) and I shall all have many fancy champagne cocktails.. I am nervous for the workshop itself as I sent in many graphic, pervy pages of my noir rather than my more demure but still passione-filled Dante book... I have no idea if everyone will love it or be completely appalled.... but at least there is always Project Runway later to soothe my fragile fragile heart. Oh, and the sequel to Anton's first book Dead to Me, which comes out in TWO WEEKS. The sequel is fantastic and shall be even more so after I be done with it. For this, Anton owes me many many many sparkly presents, as well as (what's left of) his soul. The end.