Feb 6, 2008

Some things I now love:

1. The TV show DEXTER. And especially this actor, David Zayas, who was in my friend David's play and is now my favorite actor ever. So funny, and so heartbroken, too!

2. The TV show FLIGHT OF THE CONCHORDS. Which I think is hilarious and awesome. And I have a crush on Jemaine, who is my boyfriend.

3. The movie ONCE, and this song especially.

4. The band SUPERSUCKERS. Which I saw last weekend with my sister and my friends Barb and Michael, who are such groupies they came in from Pennsylvania and Phoenix to see them. Ok and they know the band. YAWN. My favorite moment was when Eddie Spaghetti led into some new songs by saying he'd been down in the quarry, mining some new rock.

5. This compelling description of Dante from "Dante: The Poet, the Political Thinker, the Man":
From measurements taken of Dante's skeleton in 1921, his height was between 1.644 and 1.654 metres, roughly the equivalent of five feet five inches. Measurements of the upper part of the skull confirm that his face was long. The nasal cavity suggests that the nose was slanted slightly to the right and that it was large and aquiline. The orbits of the eyes show that they were large; also that the right eye was larger and slightly lower than the left. The cheek bones were prominent. The lower jaw is missing so its size cannot be verified.

6. My flight back to FLORENCE, ITALY on MARCH 6 for ONE WEEK.

7. This poem by Vasko Popa:

The little box gets her first teeth
And her little length
Little width little emptiness
And all the rest she has

The little box continues growing
The cupboard that she was inside
Is now inside her

And she grows bigger bigger bigger
Now the room is inside her
And the house and the city and the earth
And the world she was in before

The little box remembers her childhood
And by a great longing
She becomes a little box again

Now in the little box
You have the whole world in miniature
You can easily put in a pocket
Easily steal it lose it

Take care of the little box

8. THE RENDEZVOUS OF THE MOUNTAIN MEN. I talked to someone today who has gone to reenactments of these luridly bacchanalian 19th century events for which people don buckskins and cannot carry or wear any item made after 1840. I think it is the weirdest thing ever and I WANT TO GO!!!!!!