May 27, 2008

So Rob and Autumn left last night after a wondrous small town kind of weekend involving much carnival action, many games of bingo in the Boalsburg fire house (my mother was the big winner with $30 and Autumn won $25, but I myself did take a $6 pot OH YEAH), some Civil War reenactments that were, frankly, not very convincing, some funnel cakes and BBQ chicken and root beer sno cones, dinners at the WHISTLE STOP CAFE, some late night disco bowling, that horrible Indiana Jones movie, and many homemade soaps that smell like spices and chocolate. We also played racquetball and walked all over the Penn State campus, which I have not actually done in many many moons despite my ties to this town. It is really a very gorgeous campus with a ridiculous amount of greenery hanging and swaying over curving pathways.

I am thinking more and more that I might just stay here. My plan in coming back was to just live here in Central PA until Godmother comes out next spring, and during this time finish three books (the noir, the Dante one, and a YA about a mermaid) and really focus on my health, eating well and doing a ton of exercise and basically just kicking much ass. I have lost over 10 pounds in month I've been here, by the way. I figured next year I'd most likely return to New York but was also thinking I could just move out into the country here (State College is college town surrounded on all sides by farm land and all kinds of strange, quaint little towns) or go off to Italy or Berlin. A lot depends on what happens with all the above books and whether or not I'll need to go back to work at a real job next year, but I'm thinking I might like to get a little house out here and just occasionally grace NYC and Italy with my presence. Though of course I will really need to work on my bingo game.