May 18, 2008

Yesterday I watched the entire second season of Dexter (WHICH WAS AWESOME) whilst also playing Scrabulous and throwing a ball to my parents' very annoying and demanding dog Gus, whom I have been taking care of for the past week while they are off enjoying themselves in far-flung corners of the globe. I also watched Juno, which I thought was wayyy too cute but also hilarious. I am deeply ashamed of the slothfulness such an array of behavior suggests. As punishment, that horrible song, the one about monkeys and part-time friends that plays about 50000 times in the movie and that they even sing at the damn end, has buried itself in my brain and will not stop whispering into my ear. It's the devil!

In other news, I did, on Friday, mail off the copyedited manuscript of Godmother with all the very last changes and edits, which means I am done with it forever, um or at least until the galleys come. Since I hurried so much through Rain Village in these last stages and probably never even fully read the final version through from front to end, I was especially careful with this book to make sure it's perfecto. Though reading the draft through about five times over the last week or so might possibly have scarred me for life. Though not as much as that song from Juno.

In other other news, I am now working on the noir with the goal of finishing a first draft by July 3rd, at which point I will hand it to my friend Eric for his expert opinione. I am also cooking lovely food and playing racquetball a lot with Barb and taking lots of walks and lots of long baths with books in hand. And I am also doing a lot of research for the Dante book, which I will start working on again once the noir is done.

This is all that I do now. It is quite amazing.

I also can't seem to listen to anything other than Beirut, Devotchka, and The Bad Things.

The end.