Jun 30, 2008

The accordion I ordered yesterday was UNAVAILABLE and so after perusing many more gorgeous creations I picked this one instead:

I also just spent the morning with this amazing photographer Rob who teaches at Penn State and walked me through the entire process of developing film and printing photos in a dark room -- since my noir heroine does photography and I tried writing dark room scenes and realized I had no idea what I was doing. And when I explained that my noir heroine is very old school, Rob also showed the whole process for making cyanotype prints and wet plate colloidion... I don't know if I'm saying those things right but it was very very very cool. Cool spooky photos images staring outta glass and so on. He also told me about this place.. and told me about all these different photographers at work around here (he also mentioned Sally Mann, whom I love, and said she was totally open to talking to people)... AND said I could take his dark room photography class this fall. Just come and learn along with the regular students. We spent over 2 hours talking and I felt like I was learning the mysteries of the damn universe!!