Jun 26, 2008

So I have been having much much fun here in the center of Pennyslvania and am appalled at myself for having done almost no work in the last week and a half -- well, both here and in Canada. WHICH I SHALL CHANGE. Right after writing up this list of gorgeousness to console myself in the hours ahead.

1. On my birthday I had a long luxurious lunch with Barb and Heather and my sister in the kind of old woody fairylight-strung restaurant that has MILL in the title.

My birthday also involved a long luxurious family dinner and many hours of bowling with my sister and our old friend Courtney. As well as a viewing of the BACHELORETTE, in which I'm not gonna lie I am exceedingly emotionally invested.

2. On Tuesday I had my first real personal training session at my new gym and whereas I thought we were gonna do a fairly painless Nautilus circuit, instead my angel-faced lovely blond boy trainer KICKED MY ASS until all I could do was close my eyes and do whatever he told me with no thought in my brain whatsoever. Said torture involved many exercises performed with that deceptively bouncy lookin BALL that lurks in gyms worldwide. I stumbled home and slept for two hours. My next meeting with that blond devil is in 90 minutes. I am still listing this under fun things as I have now masochistically decided to work with this boy every week until I have SUPER POWERS and possibly even the ability to fly.

3. That evening Barb came to get me for our first private BELLYDANCING LESSON. Which I also didn't think would be a very hard workout and which also KICKED MY ASS. But in the best way possible. It was so fun! We are both madly in love with bellydancing now -- and with our teacher, Alexa, who tells us things like (whilst moving our arms elegantly from our sides to above our heads) "imagine you're showing off a huge diamond! oh, look at how gorgeous it is!" She also told us that women do not ever sweat; "we just get dewy." Now Barb and I are taking lessons with Alexa in her little studio -- which looks over green green green -- twice a week. Plus I now officially know how to shimmy.

4. After bellydancing, Barb and I went downtown to see AGENT ORANGE. Who were GREAT. And I can't tell you how weird it was to be at a punk show at age 37 in my old town surrounded by college kids. And the occasional person I used to know. It is weird to be in a place where your past is always right there ready to smack you in the face. But there were MANY MANY cute boys and we had lots of fun. Here are photos I took of Barb with the (very very sweet) band.

5. Yesterday evening my friend Courtney and his 10 year old genius son Duncan picked me up and the three of us took a long walk through this unbelievably gorgeous and idyllic park -- replete with butterfly gardens and blackberries -- and then came upon this DOG RUN which was full of rescued beagles as well as ordinary canine creatures and we went inside and played with 50000000000 different dogs, one of whom ran over and became obsessed with my VERY FASHIONABLE BAG and when I saw said beagle's rhinestone-studded collar I understood and felt I had met a creature after my own heart. If I be staying in central PA -- and I think I will be, in a little house in the boonies -- then getting a dog will be one of my first orders of bizness. A dog and a gun. We then walked over to this field with two horses in it chompin on grass. I had never been right next to a horse and never touched one, and man are they some strange and magical creatures. They come right up to you and look at you and one had a hankering for my hand and just about chomped it off. Courtney claimed that meant she loved me but he mighta just been being kind. He has promised to teach me to ride horses in the near future and claims that his mama's sweetest horse will be very good for this and NOT KILL ME.

The end.