Jun 4, 2008

Two gorgeous things:

1. This Ghalib poem my friend Anthony sent me:

I'm neither the loosening of song nor the close-drawn tent of music;
I'm the sound, simply, of my own breaking.

You were meant to sit in the shade of your rippling hair;
I was made to look further, into a blacker tangle.

All my self-possession is self-delusion;
what violent effort, to maintain this nonchalance!

Now that you've come, let me touch you in greeting
as the forehead of the beggar touches the ground.

No wonder you came looking for me, you
who care for the grieving, and I the sound of grief.

2. This series of images. Which is exactly what I love.

ALSO: So earlier today Massie and I were talking about some old friends we haven't been in touch with or seen for years but are now in touch with thru Facebook, etc., and she mentioned a girl named Sarah we knew. Who lives in Jordan now. I get off the phone with Massie and two seconds later I get an email from my sister saying that she and her friend went to a bunco game last night in Amman and ran into Sarah there.