Jul 13, 2008

So I've been doing lots of lovely things lately... including twice-weekly private bellydancing lessons with Barb -- and once this past week with Joi as well -- and our amazing teacher Alexa who is teaching us in her sweet little home studio that overlooks a damn field. I mean really. Yesterday as part of the People's Choice Festival -- this alternative to the Arts Festival that takes over these parts for a few days every July -- Alexa was in this bellydancing demonstration that I attended with my parents and my true loves Courtney and Duncan -- otherwise known as my paramour and his son. Look at how cute they are:

Anyway, as I was saying, Alexa is extremely awesome. I mean look:


It was very spectacular.

The People's Choice Festival also involved many wondrous, charming crafts, like whole booths devoted to BIRDHOUSES:

I honestly do not know what is cooler than to devote onself to making cool Tim Burton lookin houses for birds (other than juggling whilst bellydancing). Oh, speaking of cool houses, I had a funny moment with Courtney and Duncan when we drove past the COOLEST HOUSE EVER which was some weird log house that was chocolate brown and white striped with PINK SHUTTERS (a house I was obviously meant to live in) and I incisively and profoundly commented that it was a house that should be on stick for you to lick like a lollipop, only to be told by a ten year old that that is a "strange thing to say about a house." Which gave me pause. And led to much self reflection.

More importantly, however, we also went to a very sweet and idyllic picnic and ate pulled pork and turtle brownies whilst watching children BLOWING BUBBLES IN FRONT OF A WHEAT FIELD.

I mean honestly.

Also: my accordion came and tomorrow I have my first lesson. Which is good as right now I do not even know how to hold it. It came Thursday and Barb and Joi were with me as I ripped open the box and opened the case and revealed its gleaming contents... and then we all stared at it and it just stared back, not even blinking. Not even blinking!! I think I'm going to have to do a lottttt of sweet talkin to win that thing over. Sigh.