Jul 26, 2008

So last night Barb and I had a hot date at one of my new favorite places, the Millbrook Playhouse in Mill Hall, Pennsylvania. It's about half an hour away, in this little town you get to after driving through much country and many many farms and a spare buggy or two... and it's this totally homespun theater in an old barn, where you sit at these long wood tables and watch this stage spread out in front of you, and you can eat and drink and you see whole piles of people coming in lugging picnic baskets and tupperware and big bowls with saran wrap on top. And people bring feasts! I get totally jealous watching these country women unpacking these carefully put together baskets filled with delights, putting on a full spread. I want to make casserole type things to put in tupperware!! My new hairdresser told me she and her girlfriends stop by Dairy Queen for soft ice cream and bring Kahlua to pour on top. I have never heard of anything more lushly! The last two times I went, with my parents and Courtney and Duncan -- WHO DRESSED HIMSELF IN A WHITE SPORTS COAT FOR THE OCCASIONS -- we brought take-out fried chicken and apple pie and vino, then last night Barb made us two very delectable and nutritious spinach salads and I generously and classily brought a jug of red wine. Oh, and the theater is completely first rate. All three plays I've seen were hilarious and awesome and last night's was about a man who gets a dog he's madly in love with and how his wife is so jealous it almost wrecks their marriage. WE LAUGHED, WE CRIED. Our deepest animal loving hearts were pierced clean through and Barb spent the whole drive back to her house in Bellefonte telling me about her cats.

Speaking of Barb and me crying, our bellydancing teacher Alexa is ROODLY MOVING AWAY. We only have two more weeks of classes with her and our hearts are done broke. She is referring us to a new teacher but I secretly suspect this new teacher is a FRAUD!!!

Here is another thing I am totally jealous of: my new hairdresser, who dyed my hair last week on a rainy weekday afternoon, thus making me feel totally like a LADY WHO LUNCHES just without the lunch -- oh and the next day I went and worked out with my personal trainer and then went over to the grocery store to shop, in the middle of the day, and suddenly felt like a total SOCCER MOM, just without the soccer or the kids -- told me not only about the Kahlua atrocities but about the fact that she is turning 50 tomorrow and is having a VICTORIAN TEA PARTY to celebrate. Her friend, the beauty salon manager who also writes historical romance novels and has a CAKE DECORATING BUSINESS ON THE SIDE, is throwing it for her in Boalsburg. I was very jealous and tried telepathically to lure her into inviting me, but SHE ROODLY DID NOT.

I couldn't have gone anyway, as my Philadelphia friends Mark and Jenn and their baby Anna are driving to State College AS WE SPEAK to spend the weekend here. We might go to the jazz festival a town over, we might see bellydancers bellydancing to a DIXIELAND BAND at a business school, we might just share our hopes and dreams and/or we might even play us some BALDERDASH. Really, anything could happen. That is how totally wild we are.

The end.