Aug 15, 2008

I have been verry busy and in New York the past week having fancy lunches and dinners involving large goblets of red wine and friends and editors and agents and ex coworkers and film peoples and last weekend I spent in the Berkshires with my friend David and his lovely wife Julie and his four wild boys who screamed and hollered and trampled about the woods in the nude picking berries. I mean you would think they were tiny woodland creatures rather than city-dwelling children:

The weekend was very idyllic. Ponds were swam/swum? in,

cuddling was done upon open fields,

and, when atmospheric rain kept all involved indoors, yours truly was persecuted for evil sport.

This is what happens in the wild. Today I am off to Connecticut to spend the weekend with Eric and his husband Shax. Eric and I have exchanged manuscripts and will discuss my noir and his Berlin book, and we will also do many many fun things involving lobster and clams and porches replete with rocking chairs and hanging plants. Monday I come back to New York and spend two days with Tink and my best friend Aoife, and then Wednesday my sister and I fly to Florida to meet my parents and celebrate my grandmother's 90th birthday. Then we come back to NYC and Joi will be driving back to Pennsylvania with me for the GRANGE FAIR, which I have never been to but I know involves MANY KINDS OF LIVESTOCK.

I also just this morning turned in brand spanking new revisions for Godmother, which has, I am free to say, been bought by Headline in the UK and so will be published there as well as here next spring. Headline has also bought an unwritten next book about a girl who is HALF MERMAID. I am not sure whether I have also said that Godmother has been optioned for film by Random House Films/Focus Features. All very awesome glamorous peoples have done the buying and optioning and it is all QUITE WONDROUS.

The end.