Aug 15, 2008

So yesterday, amongst other things, I got to spend time with the sluttiest dog in the world, Shorty, who is the kind of dog who just slinks up and melts into you, gazing at you lasciviously all the while. Here is Shorty with Eric (wearing my sunglasses in a heartwrenching stab a glamour) yesterday, as we drove off to have an extremely decadent clam and lobster and MELTED BUTTER feast with Eric's awesome parents, who live in another lovely Connecticut country house nearby:

Can you see the invitation in his eyeballs?

Here is a photo of Shax and Duffy and Eric's mom Carol and Eric and Shorty. Note that the people here are relaxed and friendly, whilst the two dogs are both giving their best Garbo-at-the-prow-of-the-ship-in-Queen-Christina poses.

Not one ounce of shame!

Anyway, yesterday was extreeeeemly productive as in the morn I finished Eric's (very very very lovely and elegant) manuscript in my room and then, after lunch at a roadside little restaurant with outdoor tables and an American flag hanging from its side, he and I sat in a screened alcove in this woody little country house, with a little lamp lit beside us, and gave each other feedback on our books allllll afternoon while it pounded rain outside and Shax brought us iced coffees and Reeses peanut butter cups on a tray. Our lonngggg discussione was incredibly helpful and great for both of us and Eric would be the first person who's read the 200 pages I have of my noir, and now we have a date again in one month to exchange our books again, this time hopefully entire completed drafts. Our reward was said lobster feast as well as a viewing of Project Runway with Eric's parents, whom I love and who actually appear in my noir as the heroine's fiance's perfect and super-sophisticated city-dwelling parents, and today all we have to do is lounge about and eat waffles and steaks and play many many board games and drive into a nearby town to see the new Woody Allen movie. IT IS VERY HARD.

Oh and here we are being unbelievably elegant.

The end.