Aug 15, 2008

Two things, quickly:

1. The new Woody Allen Movie, Vicki Cristina Barcelona, is totally charming and great and I would like to move in with Javier Bardem and Penelope Cruz and have my own dark room immediately.

2. So Eric's husband Shax is a PhD candidate at Bard in the history of decorative arts and he knows 5000000 fascinating things about, like, 18th century porcelain and all kinds of other topics and he is totally scholarly and romantic and the kind of guy who should always be wearing vests and straw hats and be carrying around battered copies of Proust. He goes off on trips where he tours English castles with other academics and learns about teapots. And he writes really really cool articles for magazines like Antiques, where he wrote about this guy Ivan Day in England who is this culinary historian who regularly makes elaborate meals the way they would have been made hundreds of years ago, back when rich people were all about fancy sugar confections in the shapes of swans in the centers of their tables. Anyway, this morning I read this awesome article Shax wrote and you should read it immediately.