Sep 6, 2008

So yesterday Barb and I went off and met the exceedingly lovely Cherie Priest in a quaintly named coffee shop and we wooed and were wooed by her for many hours during which secrets were exchanged and blood bonds were made and ghost stories were told and steampunk was defined and super glamorous and badass photos like the following were a taken:

We then all went to Cherie's smashing abode, where books were given and ginger ale was consumed and the most slutty and luxurious old time movie star cat Spain lolled and even agreed briefly to accessorize my already extremely fashionable ensemble. Look at her gazing up at the heavens! All she needs is some bon bons and satin sheets and possibly a bathtub full of bubbles.

After ripping ourselves from Cherie's couch and shedding many tears whilst doing so, we went and consoled our broken hearts by buying things and drinking things and elegantly posing with said beverages

before meeting Layne, who by the way wrote this book, and his awesome 9-year-old son Sam for a lovely Thai dinner. Sam, who is my new best friend, is a genius who will some day rule the world, and he is an exceptionally good model to boot.

Barb and I then vamoosed to Georgetown where we spent many more hours hanging out with her friends Padraig and Tony at a bar aptly names CALAMITY JANES, and talked about all manner of things including crow funerals and hissing bats and Wisconsin fireflies and wily swallows and up-to-no-good pigeons and swatter-eluding flies and really, I am not sure if any winged creature went unacknowledged or if any naturalist strain in our hearts was left unplunged. I ended up talking to Tony, who is extremely beautiful, until the wee hours of the morning and learning all about dub... something and many many other mind altering things. I would of course have many photos of said fellow naturalists but my camera rooooodly and selfishly ran out of power, I think just to prove a point. We are going to have to have a little talk later so that this does not happen again.

Also: I am extremely sleep deprived. And quite, quite charmed by Seattle generally.

The end.