Jun 9, 2009

I was just cleaning up and getting ready to leave the big city and return to the farmhouse upstate and I found these heartwarming family photos which I am generously and selflessly sharing with YOU.

So... this past Christmas my parents were here and we all stayed at my sister's and one night the four of us were all in a cab heading out to do something extremely glamorous, I'm sure, and I was sitting in the passenger seat and turned around and told them to SMILE and LOOK EXCITED and this is how they looked back at me:

I also came upon this old family photo from the one time my mama decided to take us all to a professional photographer. I believe I was about 19. We were all exceptionally cheery and full of good will, especially my evil yet fashionable sister, who is off in southern Sweden twisting her body into evil yogic positions AS WE SPEAK.


Oh! I also wanted to share this swoony review from School Library Journal:

Adult/High School—Turgeon manages to turn the classic fairy tale into a transcendental apology for the unacknowledged linchpin of the tale: the fairy godmother. Lil is an old woman, spending her days eating, sleeping, and working at a used bookstore in New York City. Her failure to get Cinderella to the ball has haunted her for centuries. No one knows who she is or why she has been exiled from the fairy kingdom to live out her days as a human, strapping down and hiding her beautiful fairy wings. But when the opportunity to once again pair a lovely, deserving woman with a handsome prince presents itself, Lil believes that maybe, just maybe, this is her chance to go home. The story and its characters are unveiled in alternating flashbacks and present time and carry readers along to a jaw-dropping, unexpectedly melancholy conclusion. Is Lil really who she believes she is, or has she created her world out of fairy dust and whole cloth? Teens who expect a fluffy, chick-lit read may be disappointed with the magically pervasive sadness of this story, but those who enter with an open mind will be well rewarded.—Charli Osborne, Oxford Public Library, MI

TURGEON, Carolyn. Godmother: The Secret Cinderella Story. 288p. Three Rivers. 2009. pap. $13.95. ISBN 978-0-307-40799-3. LC 2008021054.