Oct 20, 2006

I keep a journal at livejournal.com, and have for 500000 years, but now that I have a new website and a new book I felt it was time to start a spanking-new one in a whole new place. It is like an illicit affair! I hope livejournal doesn't notice that I've begun paying more attention to my hairdo and have been visiting the manicurist regularly.

I do have to relay the following experience: my heart cracked open yesterday when I finally finally saw the real, final, hardcover version of my book. It is so beautiful. Far more lovely than I would have thought. In the next week or two you must go visit a bookstore and at least admire it. Fondle it, wink at it, tell it it's pretty. Check out the gorgeous spine and peel back the paper to look at the bare book itself, the title alluringly engraved in a shimmery turquoise blue. Flip the book over and admire my pink-lined author photo, the misty circus scene on the back cover. Oh, it is a siren!!

Look!! http://www.unbridledbooks.com/page/rain-village