Nov 9, 2006

So I’m in my sister’s apartment downtown watching the television classic Top Chef while my father naps in her room. We’re waiting for her to get off work so we can drive down to Pennsylvania tonight, but she is so fancy and lawyerly that she NEVER STOPS WORKING. Eventually, however, we will take to the open road, as tomorrow is my big hometown reading at the local Barnes and Noble. Before the reading, my mom is hosting a big Mexican circus buffet with all kinds of culinary delights including an empanada torte thing and corn pudding and carnival hot dogs and pink lemonade.. She’s banned everyone from the kitchen all day tomorrow as she finishes her nefarious scheming and plotting, and is decorating the house with roosters and stars. 45 guests are coming! My mom designed the invites and sent them out to everyone a month or so ago. It is really all quite astonishingly lovely.

We’re driving back up to NYC Sunday and it looks like Sunday night I will be reading at KGB. Two other Unbridled authors, Bill Cobb and Lisa Haines, are scheduled to read but Bill can’t come so I am glamorously and gorgeously going to read from his book Goodnight Texas for him.

Oh and I’m excited because on Sunday, Dec. 3, Tink and I are both reading at the grand opening of the GLENDALE Borders. That is right. A new Borders is opening up down the street. Obviously, by this time next year Glendale will be the new literary hot spot of NYC.