Jan 4, 2007

I love Top Chef with my whole heart and I have an especial soft spot for Marcel now. He makes his hair look like wings, and loves foam! It's so Botticelli-esque! Plus, all the other people who stole my heart have turned mean.

In other news, I am reading at a Brooklyn laundromat on Feb 3 as part of this series. I do have a special feeling for laundromats. When I was a ne-er do well and very bored teenager, my friends and I would obnoxiously invite cute boys to come to the laundromat with us, and then we'd do our laundry and smoke and play games and blow bubbles. The boys who thought it was too weird we decided were not cool enough to hang out with us, anyway. Of course I have not gone into a laundromat in a few years as I am much too lazy, and nowadays the cleaners actually come to my house to pick up my gorgeously overflowing bags of delicately used underthings.

I meant to mention, too, how, for Christmas, my lovely and ingenious friend ERIC took me to this amazing restaurant, Cookshop, in Chelsea, which is both fancccy and down-home and serves exotic fare like FRIED SPICED HOMINY. I'm not even sure what hominy is, but Eric insists it is a food that would be eaten in Rain Village, which of course means it is the BEST FOOD EVER. We also ate things like squash soup with apples and chestnuts, striped bass with bacon, apple slaw and brussels sprouts, and peppermint stick ice cream with hot fudge. Eric had some duck that made me want to point out the window and steal a piece when he wasn't looking, but I restrained myself with an enviable mixture of elegance and grace. It is the kind of restaurant that makes you feel like you're sitting in front of a large fire, and like you should wear big boots and carry things in buckets. Once I save up $5000000, I shall go there again. The end.

Oh, and: a friend just said this about my book, revealing the secret, nefarious motive behind all my writing:

It's an awesome book, even if it is causing me to grow a vagina.