Jan 9, 2007

So my event in San Francisco this Sunday is a SF Weekly Top Pick of the week. ! Plus they have a lovely leetle review, tho my photo seems to be absent in a ghostly yet glamorously understated manner.

I am even more excited, however, by the Saturday pick -- the opener being the amazing El Radio Fantastique that we discovered (ok that my friends discovered while yours truly delicately slumbered) in New Orleans -- which could not possibly sound more alluring:

If local singer Rupa were a movie, she would be Amélie meets Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown meets Latcho Drom meets Do the Right Thing. She'd be set in India and Berkeley, and she would star Elizabeth Peña and Tom Waits. !!!

In other news, I am such a lightweight that last night I met my friend Joi at the PIERRE HOTEL, for novelistic researchical purposes, and I had one (very strong) truffle martini in the bar -- a beautiful martini, like something you would bathe in! -- and it pretty much knocked me out for the ENTIRE EVENING. It was extremely good, though.