Feb 8, 2007

So this appeared in PW Daily yesterday, Publisher's Weekly's daily newsletter thing. A few peoples were impressed by (and disbelieving of) my skiing prowess before I painfully admitted that those are SNOW SHOES on my feet and not skis. And that basically Lynne, Layne, and I walked on a path with a light snow on it wearing these very strange contraptions on our feet for no real purpose at all, whilst our companions glided past us on bent knee, smiling heartily. It was very sad, I'm not going to lie. Plus they kept falling off. We did, however, stop and stare for a while at the town of Grafton in the distance, and with that perfect snow and the trees in front of us and that little town with not one but TWO steeples jutting up from it, it really could not have been more like something out of a storybook.

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In other news, last night my friend Rob and I saw Children of Men, and I thought it was pretty stunning and fascinating though I wasn't much moved.

I also forgot to link to this extremely exciting interview.