Feb 20, 2007

So this weekend, after much rapunzel-like self-locking-away, I finished my second novel. Last night I spent hours on the phone while my mama went through it page by page on the phone giving me her edits. She is possibly the best editor in the world, and I believe has edited every book and paper my dad's ever published. I tend to repeat the same images and words over and over, like skin and glass and ice (such wondrous words!), and she be merciless. I am reading the final document through one more time this eve, after some glamorous drinks around Grand Central Station.

Also, look: "I just finished Rain Village last night. Tessa’s struggles and then redemption keep me reading until the wee hours of the night – 2:34 am, to be exact. What an enthralling and magical book! The many themes and emotions of Rain Village make the book a slam dunk as a reading group favorite. The idea of a mentor and love of one person to change one life is a great discussion point that opens this book to personal experiences for the reading groups. If you get a chance, please say Bravo to Carolyn." -- Barbara Mead, Reading Group Choices

Oh, AND: Last night Rob and Bonnie came over to watch stupid television and movies. At one point I put on The Covenant, though I wasn't sure what it was, and so looked up some reviews on Rotten Tomatoes. It was in this way that I happened upon my favorite quote from any review EVER:

Movies like this are why we have eyelids.