Mar 9, 2007

My friend Anton Strout just got a two-book deal from Penguin! I could not possibly be more excited for him. This book deal has been a long time coming, he has worked so hard for so long, his book is AWESOME, and I think right now he might be in shock.

Plus, he has horns!

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AND: Writer's Digest bought an article from me about me, Jeanine (Tink), and Anton, and how we wrote our books together, etc, tho we were all writing in massively different genres, etc., and my article is due April 2 and NOW IT WILL BE 500000 TIMES BETTER.

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And finally, in October 2004 I wrote this post about Anton on livejournal:

My whorish friend antonstrout is literally begging people to add him to their friends lists, and so I make this heartfelt plea on his behalf.

Why should you add him? Here are 5 reasons.

1. He can sound EXACTLY like Christopher Walken. Christopher Walken is cool. Plus, Christopher Walken told Anton in person that "the great thing about being me is that I could have sex with anyone in this room. Up the ass." Christopher Walken talking to you about asses? Is cool.

2. Anton is the gayest straight man alive. And gay men are cool, especially when they're straight.

3. Anton is gentlemanly. When we leave workshop he always takes the train to my stop and walks me home even though it is out of his way. Being gentlemanly is cool.

4. I made Anton two Nick Cave compilations and he liked them. People who like Nick Cave are cool.

5. Anton is a funny writer. Being funny is cool. Being a writer is cool, too, unless you suck.

I believe I have made my case.


In the past few weeks in workshop Anton has written two lines that I believe are among the greatest ever written.

Here is line number one:

She shimmered like a slutty little fish in a dirty little tank.

Here is line number two:

No son, no matter what age, should ever have to look at his father's sack or freshly dipped and shiny tool.

I think those lines speak for themselves, and I think it is obvious that if anyone deserves a two-book deal it is my friend ANTON STROUT.