Mar 2, 2007

So this morning I was on this spanking new radio show on Sirius, called the Be Happy Dammit Hour, which will start airing March 12. This first show was taped in advance but in the future it will be live. I was verrrrry nervous, but it seemed to be over in seconds. I was on this book segment with Ron Hogan (as his guest author) and the host Karen, and there were all these other guests there, a few authors and bloggers, including Marci Alboher, a cupcake blogger, and this woman who has a tea empire and was interviewing Robert Thurman for some ongoing tea portion of the show. It was very fun and after I ate a big chocolate cupcake that tasted suspiciously like regular cake.

Tonight I am seeing ZODIAC as I love any movie or show or book involving serial killers and I have forever and THAT'S JUST HOW IT IS.