May 26, 2007

I saw Notes on a Scandal last night and it might be one of the best movies ever. So awesome and weird and ominous and pervy and you never know where it's going.. Joi told me it was like a Patricia Highsmith novel and it was exactly like that. I am ashamed however to say that I thought the 15 year old boy Cate Blanchett has an affair with was extremely sexy and I did not blame her one bit. THE SHAME!

To keep my mind off of things this long weekend I am wandering through parks, writing a short story about Sleeping Beauty, revising my children's book, working on my noir, watching 8 Women and Don't Look Now, reading the Patricia Highsmith novel This Sweet Sickness, and finishing the Ursula Le Guin novel A Wizard of Earthsea, which is the first book I have ever read with WIzard in the title and a large ascending dragon on the cover.