May 19, 2007

So I am very very excited because this evening two of my best, loveliest friends, Eric and Shax, are getting married in a sweet, charming, intimate little ceremony in Soho. The wedding will be performed by Anna Deavere Smith, and all kinds of wondrous people will be there, including many many of their friends I've heard all about but haven't had the chance to meet, and their parents and siblings, but mostly I just can't wait to see the two of them up there saying their vows.. !! Plus there will be a fireplace and cocktails and a gorgeous dinner.

I could not be more happy for them. Look at how beautiful they are. I can't wait to see the announcement in the NY Times tomorrow, too!

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Before I go off to get manicured and pedicured in glamorous preparation, I must mention a few things I have loved lately:

The other day I met my friend David and he made me listen to this song "Fidelity" that at first I didn't like.. then about four seconds in I started thinking it was not so bad, then when she goes into the chorus I laughed out loud, it's so cool and weird, and by the middle of the song I was actually crying. Later I downloaded it and have been listening obsessively. He also played me Stina Nordenstam, which I thought was so ethereal and lovely, and Joni Mitchell. This was all in the middle of a thunderstorm, too--it is always best to hear new music when it is storming outside! And I gave him Dante and Boccaccio and discussed my love for America's Next Top Model. It is important to be well rounded. And Natasha, by the way, was ROBBED!

Then warren_ellis generously sent me many new songs, all of them ecstatic and mind-expanding, music that makes the world seem enormousenormousenormous if you know what I mean, and I fell madly in love with "To Go Home" and "A Day Another Day" and have been playing those non-stop as well.

I have wanted to see this film for a long time but I rarely rent movies anymore. Last week I joined Netflix and this movie is SO BEAUTIFUL and moving and sad. And Charlotte Rampling! My god. That is one stunning woman. In the film, she and her long-time husband go to their vacation home and to the beach, where he just disappears. He heads to the water, she lies back dreamily in the sun and goes to sleep, and when she wakes up... he's not there anymore. The whole movie is what she does after. I keep thinking about it. And there is this one scene of her on a bed.. which is one of the most moving, cool scenes I've ever seen. Like the scene in Birth with Nicole Kidman at the opera. Just devastating and strange and beautiful..

Eric and I went and saw this a couple of weeks ago and as much as I'd loved Adrienne Shelley in the Hal Hartley movies, I hadn't been able to get through the first film she directed and really just went to this for Eric. But it's awesome. Totally weird and hilarious--this one scene between Andy Griffith and Keri Russell made me laugh so hard I almost had an asthma attack in the theater, which was quite glamorous of me--and sad and just.. It's rare to see a vision that is just so authentically unique and quirky, and I felt a real grief afterwards that Adrienne Shelley can't write and direct more movies..

Tink's baby is SO CUTE. I have a mad crush on her. The other day she slept in my arms with her fingers laced together and her mouth pooching out. Her lids kept fluttering open and closed and I'm pretty sure she was only pretending to slumber. Less than three weeks old and already up to no good!