Jul 1, 2007

Here are my 8 weird facts:

1. I was once arrested and spent a night in Van Nuys Women’s Prison.

2. When arrested, I was wearing a ripped pink nightshirt my grandmother had sent me with three pigs on the front. One was wearing crazy sunglasses and clothes. Underneath were the words “Be an individual.”

3. I was born with a blonde streak in my hair and everyone always thought it was dyed and when I was little my friends’ parents all thought I was a bad influence because of it.

4. A few days after I turned 18 I went to San Francisco and slept in Civic Center Park and lived with street kids and panhandled, etc.

5. I once worked at a sleazy bar in Athens, Greece, where you were paid based on how many shots of whiskey you could get men to buy you.

6. I am deathly allergic to cats which is probably good because if I wasn't I would probably have 10 of them.

7. I wear lipstick, usually red, all the time, even to bed, and have since I was a teenager.

8. My sister and I once had sex with the same guy in the same night and didn’t know until the next morning.