Jul 30, 2007

I will be going to this festival in Omaha, Nebraska, in September. Lit Fest is run by Timothey Schaffert, whom I love, and this year's is dedicated to DEPRAVED WOMEN. And I will be on a panel about reinventing fairytales and likely one on fashion. And festivals are very very fun. And I really want to see Omaha, too, because I love the Midwest and I have never been to OMAHA NEBRASKA. Just the name makes me think of porches and fireflies and tornadoes!

And I am going to this festival in Nashville, Tennessee, in October. Nashville is one of the best cities in this country and get a gander at the authors who are coming! Plus River Jordan is the author who invited me and she's all southern and smooth and soulful and calls people baby, and I hope I get to see her house.

Oh and: my 8pm flight out of Maine has been delayed till 10:30. I have now been in this airport for 8 hours and they have rudely stopped serving food and drink. The manners!