Jul 29, 2007

So Im sitting here in the airport in Portland, Maine, after this completely idyllic summer weekend full of babies and fried clams and farmhouses and ponds and lighthouses and poetry and picnics and long drives and naps and sunburns that make you want to go to sleep:

And I've just eaten clam chowder and a lobster roll for dinner and thought I had two hours to just sit and write before my flight, but then I check livejournal and see all this talk of thunderstorms and rain, and I start to hear the people around me talk of flight cancellations and delays, and now I look and see ALL THE FLIGHTS TO NEW YORK ARE CANCELLED THIS EVENING. This has never happened to me before and my friends are an hour away. Thus I feel extremely bad for myself and am putting off my sad return to the US Airways line to see what I am supposed to do.