Aug 20, 2007

I asked my sister how she liked snorkelling in Vietnam and she said, "Snorkelling is for pussies. I scuba dived and it was cool."

Yesterday I took Shameless on a two-hour walk in Forest Park. There was a concert in the bandshell, some traditional Indian music. Shameless and I sat on the steps and watched. Women whirled around and around while this man in shiny, wondrous robes sang and all these drums pounded behind him. I think Shameless was very moved.

I am obsessed with the band Beirut.

I found out that when I go to Omaha in a few weeks, I will be on three panels in one day--one on writing about fashion, one on women writing on the edge, and one on reinventing fairytales--and will either be staying with "a gay couple who live in a really great Prairie-style home close to downtown, or with the curator of the big art museum."

Tonight I am meeting my friend Wendy, the professor of ancient Chinese poetry at Columbia, and we are having fancy Mexican food.

I am so happy that it's chilly outside, with leaves blowing around, and that I have every product from this line to scent my autumnal baths.

The end.