Aug 9, 2007

I got to work this morning and my friend Christine and also Kathy Patrick had forwarded today's Shelf Awareness to me, which includes this bit:

When my column appeared early Wednesday morning, Kathy L. Patrick, owner of Beauty and the Book<>, Jefferson, Tex., responded quickly with her own indie pick: "I would like to recommend to you Rain Village by Carolyn Turgeon (Unbridled Books, $24.95, 9781932961249/1932961240). Her story is of a small town Kansas girl who runs away from her abusive father and family to be rescued by a librarian who used to be a trapeze artist. The librarian teaches the young girl everything she knows and the girl eventually runs away with the circus. Magical and I can hardly wait for her next release, Godmother, which promises to be an even better read. This is a writer to watch and Unbridled Books to me is discovering authors of extreme merit. I just could not wait to tell you about this small press book!"

Kathy Patrick is so awesome, really joyous and loving and huge hearted. She's already made Godmother a pick for her book club and next time I go to Texas I'm going to stay at her house and see steamboats.