Aug 11, 2007

Last night I met Eric and Shax for Afghan food and the play Eurydice. The food was very delectable and also interestingly described.

I loved hearing about their honeymoon in Santorini which they just returned from, as well as Shax's experiences just before that in England, where he was part of some prestigious program where you go around and visit all these old estates and castles. He got to meet all these eccentric characters and eat things like pheasant mousse and sit at long tables with fireplaces and candles flickering, and it all sounded to me like when you were a kid going out on Halloweeen and got to walk up to all the exotic lit-up houses to get candy but this would be like the BEST HALLOWEEN EVER where everyone lives in a castle and gives you cookies and tea and shows you all their paintings and silverware. So I was very jealous.

And then Eurydice was very very lovely and strange and sad. Full of weird beautiful images, like when Eurydice arrives in the underworld in an elevator with water falling down around her:

And in the underworld she meets her father, who has written her so many letters that they cover the back of the stage, trying to reach her. And then Orpheus comes to find her but she is in the underworld in a room her father has made for her out of string, and the whole thing is just about loss and memory and love, and I was very affected and cried QUITE A MANY tears in a very glamorous manner.

Youse should all see it immediately.