Aug 22, 2007

So a few minutes ago I stopped by this shoe repair place on 37th Street to pick up a purse I had repaired, and the two men inside kept staring at me, and then one, the shoe shiner, asked me if I spoke Russian. I said no, and the other one said "You have Russian face!"

This reminded me of this funny girl in TJ Maxx a couple of months ago, in Pennsylvania. I turned down this one aisle and this huge pile of a family was standing there and they all just stared at me, so I quickly stepped out of that aisle, and then a few minutes later I was sitting on a bench trying on this one pair of LEOPARD PRINT STILETTO HEELS when the little girl of the group, dressed in bright purple velvet, walked over and just stood in front of me staring. I stared back at her. Then she said, with a strong accent, "Are you Russian?" I said, "No." We stared at each other for a while longer and then she asked, very seriously, "Why do you have pink hair?" I said, "I like pink hair. Don't you?" She stared at me a while longer and then she said, "Lots of people have pink hair." I said, "Yes, they do." And then we stared at each other some more, never cracking a smile, until her family came and whisked her away, smiling at me apologetically and staring wonderingly at me all the while. One of them even brought me over a pair of shoes. I am not sure why.