Aug 13, 2007

So I went to my friend Jason's wedding in Tarrytown today, and it was so lovely and there were all these women in these bright, elaborate Middle Eastern dresses with gold dangling everywhere, and at dinner I sat next to this guy getting his PhD in history at Harvard, and he told me all these wonderful stories about people like Aaron Burr and John Hutchinson and that secret society Washington was in and the romantic life of Benjamin Franklin and when we turned to talk to the rest of the table I felt like I'd just been transported to another century, and how strange it would be to live partly in this century but mostly in another one all the time, oh and Jason, who is crazily, scarily brilliant, stood up and read this gorgeous thing he wrote about his bride, and I was so amazed by him, and then just look at her:

And she's a neuroscientist!

In other news, my friend Rob looked really cool grilling yak yesterday.