Aug 14, 2007

With my whole heart I agree with the sentiment expressed here by Lord Whimsy:

"Twee". What a popular word this has become among those lazy minds seeking an epithet to stifle any conversation concerning things finer than themselves. It is particularly odious, since it also allows said people to congratulate themselves for being so "sophisticated" and "insightful". The more it is used, the less tolerant of outmoded things like beauty and elegance we seem to be. It kills wider appreciation of such tender, delicate things, eventually killing the very things themselves, choking them like so many weeds around a rare flower. Invariably, it is the calling card of the callow, the cynical, the coarse and the ignorant. This word must die, but first it must be made to suffer before its public execution.

And so, this coming week we shall post the most "twee" things we can find: the cloying, the saccharine, the frilly, and the downright prissy. Welcome to Twee Week.