Sep 28, 2007

My friend Massie has a brand new jewelry business, Hera Mostest, which will soon have a glorious website. I am her first customer and last night she gave me my first order. I am quiiite besotted and smitten. Look!

An extremely Wonder Woman esque bracelet plus earrings with birds in them.

PLUS a medallion necklace with swallows swooping down, and a necklace with a locket that contains many many mysterious things. And possibly weapons.

Here you can see the bird earrings better. The locket has the same star on it that the bracelet has, thus doubling my Wonder Woman powers.

Normally I am crying and spitting. This jewelry made me smile and laugh and say things like "Good morning!" to perfect strangers.

I got many other necklaces and earrings too, including ones with large beetles on them. You may also admire my new 5 inches shorter hairdo magnanimously granted to me by LANA. 

Massie and I also spent many hours writing yesterday eve at the SOY LUCK CLUB and I am extremely extremely excited as I came up with a whole new series of chapter books for kids and I love it and I don't want to work on anything else. There is even a very evil German movie star named Marlene Harlow, who bakes very evil strudels.