Oct 7, 2007

This is my new favorite street:

Massie and I drove down to Pennsylvania yesterday and we're staying in this adorable big stone house/bed and breakfast outside of Bethlehem. Yesterday we had this amazing dinner at this place. This morning we had a lovely breakfast downstairs that involved china and sugarcubes and fresh fruit and quiche, and then we went to the farmer's market and bought weird tomatoes and wandered around and bought many gifts and then went back to the house to get IN ROOM MASSAGES, which was my birthday present to Massie who is now very old. At first I thought it was a waste to pay so much extra to get massages at the bed and breakfast, though I did anyway, but I am now a CONVERT. I changed into a fluffy white robe in my own lovely bedroom, got the most amazing massage for an hour in a room across the hall, then went and collapsed blissfully on my bed and then took a steam shower while Massie was getting her massage. Then I took a long nap under a whirring fan in my room with Audobon and old botany prints on the walls.

We are now in a coffeeshop in Emmaus sitting under dangling lit-up stars and flowers and across the street there is a large stone church with stained glass windows. The end.