Nov 20, 2007

Here are my last gorgeouso Rome photos. By the way, last night I kept having nightmares.. I kept thinking I had to go in this line, fill out this form, get my bags here.. and then I'd wake up all anxious and remember that I HAVE MADE IT HOME IN ONE PIECE.. AND WITH ALL MY LUGGAGE, NOT TO MENTION MY FIVE NEW PAIRS OF SHOES. Miraculous!

So here is the lovely lovely restaurant we ate in on Sunday night just off Piazza Navona, not to mention my lovely lasagna. By the way, at this one trattoria in Florence we loved, the waiter said, in Italian, as he set our table: "Wine, water, bread, and the table is full." So cute! But I am afraid I might have consumed more bread and wine these past three weeks than I did the whole rest of the year. Not to mention hyuuuge plates of pasta, as thusly, and decadently, pictured...

Also, here is a candlelit, opinionated path we crossed to get to this wine bar afterward:

Which was my SECOND FAVORITE wine bar ever after that one in Omaha, tho Joi, who objects to robust lighting in a suspiciously vampiric manner, was less impressed.

Then we went to what is now my favorite bookstore, since it happened to be open at 12:30am and was sluttily flashing a whole bin of movie posters, leaving me powerless to resist. Look at that floor! I bought two gorgeous Italian movie posters, one for Blow Up and one for Wings of Desire.

Oh, and we stopped for coffee in Piazza San Eustachio, at a place that is supposed to have the best coffee in Rome and that my friend Eric recommended. I forced Joi to take this photo of me to prove to him that I listened, even though I think the barista was less than impressed with our photographic candor.

While I'm at it, here was my favorite restaurant of the whole trip, in Florence. So good and cheap and lovely!!! And hidden behind a medieval wall and up a rocky hill...

And here I am at the Trevi Fountain, about to make evil wishes for the downfall of all my enemies.

And then, finally, here was a weird sight outside my taxicab window as I headed to the airport yesterday morn:

As I got on the express bus this morn heading into Manhattan, I imagined that it too said DIVINO AMORE on the side and was reflecting a castle passing by.

The end.