Nov 8, 2007

Oh, I forgot to mention this one incident today I thought was funny. So to get into the Uffizi you have to go through security like at an airport, and I put my purse through the conveyer/xray thing, and I step through the metal detector and it goes off. So I stand in front of the guard, not sure what to do, whether I need to take off my jewelry or what, and just look at him expectantly. He's this tiny man, like a foot shorter than me, with ridiculously long eyelashes, and he just stares up at me with this funny expression, batting his lashes. And then he takes his wand thing, while still staring at me, AND SWIPES IT OVER MY BREASTS. WHICH HE HAS TO REACH UP HIS ARM TO DO, HE IS SO SHORT. And then he puts his arm back down at his side, still staring at me. And I look at him another second, waiting, and then walk past.