Nov 11, 2007

So Joi's beau Eric arrived yesterday, and Joi and I ended up waiting for him at the station for two and a half hours before giving up and going back to the apartment. During that time, however, we witnessed the following astounding scene: a few pigeons were strutting around by the buses, and one Egyptian-walked his way up to this woman sitting on a bench nearby and eating a roll. She threw down a piece. Said pigeon strutted slowly over to the bread, and two or three more pigeons started meandering their way to it as well. Suddenly this tiny fat finch careened its way down out of nowhere, swooped in and stole the bread. Then it flitted off a few feet away and began luxuriously eating it before the pigeons even knew what had hit them. When one finally noticed the finch, it slowwwwwwly made its way over and just as it neared the finch that fat little bird snapped up the roll and flitted away. When that woman threw down another piece of roll a few minutes later, I snapped a photo, but that finch was gone with that roll like lightning. It was really very inspiring.

In other news, today we went to many many places including the Bargello, where we saw Donatello's David being restored, and this Leonardo exhibit, where we saw models of his wings and other sights, and the Boboli Gardens at the Palazzo Pitti, where we saw very cool views of the city and this silver head (at the Silver Museum) with which I am madly in love.

Later, I had the most decadent cup of hot chocolate with cream you can imagine.

Oh, and here are two more random sights from yesterday eve. That is right: you can buy pasta out of vending machines and eat Dante and Beatrice sandwiches.

The end.