Nov 7, 2007

So this afternoon we took a bus to Siena and I was blown away by the gorgeous ride, completely autumnal and hypnotic with the sun slashing into the bus and everything all dappled and lit, and castles and walled villages poking out of the countryside, farmers meandering through fields, and these skinny trees jutting up like fingers. I could have stayed on that bus for hours and hours. But then we arrived in Siena, with its weird labyrinthine streets in every direction and insane hills, and I thought it was so cool, all those weird little arches and tunnels and secret, hidden places. It feels like one big secret, that city. So of course Joi and I immediately go into this shoe store where I proceed to spend almost a month's rent on two byooooooooootiful pairs of boots. AND I DO MEAN BEAUTIFUL. One shiny black patent leather and one this cool green. And then we go to this lovely little trattoria where we proceed to have the best meal I've had this whole trip. First we had bruschetta with tomatoes that were moist and lush and perfect. LOOK:

And then I had a plate of these thick noodles with this extremely rich, savory wild boar sauce, and Joi had a bowl of that Tuscan bread and vegetable soup. Every meal I've had here has been really lovely but this one was the best, and the noodles were so thick and udon-y I can still feel them pressing into my mouth. By the time we finished shopping and eating, it was already night time and so we wandered this weird twisty city in the dark, making it way more haunted feeling.

Also, take a gander at these grapes. They are practically obscene!!

And I love little things like this, Marys peering out of windows wherever you turn:

The end.