Nov 8, 2007

So today, after a lovely visit to the Uffizi, where Joi and I were quite perplexed to find that there is NARY A MONET TO BE FOUND, we went back to my favorite cafe and wrote for a couple of hours. And there I espied this very attractive specimen:

The owners of said specimen sat right next to us and are clearly regulars, with everyone who walked into the place stopping to pay court to them. I looooved them, I thought they were the best couple ever, and at one point I leaned over and told them that their dog was "molto elegante." The woman just nodded in a serious manner, as if I were stating the obvious, and repeated my words to the man. Then I said that the dog was "come Greta Garbo" and the woman just nodded with a straight face and said "Si, e brava." Except she said it with an accent on the e. And the dog whose name is MINI, WAS just like Garbo at the end of Queen Christina, standing at the prow of the ship and staring off into vistas neither you nor I can see.

Then the man told us--in Italian and very very rough English--how his sister married someone in Alabama and how he once parachuted into the Piazza della Signoria. He even showed us photos, and he was one dashing mister, let me tell you.